Accessories to look Radiant for crazyee people

Style isn’t something that you can own from buying expensive clothes. One can also create it by adding decent accessories to a simple look. A simple ring, quirky earrings or a simple pendant, you should have these effervescent pieces in your trinket box. No matter where you are going, no matter what are you wearing; there’s always a need of complimenting and completing the look with a flicker of beautiful pieces of accessories.

Be it a neck piece or a watch, the accessories you choose says a lot about you. Perfect accessories will highlight the feature you want to enhance. Following are few tips to choose perfect accessories to look elegant yet radiant.

  1. Always use matching jewellery: Mix & Match concept may look good on clothes but it doesn’t look good on jewellery. Suppose if you wear different neck piece with a different set of earrings it will give a confusing look. Therefore always wear simple matching jewellery.
  2. Do not wear so many accessories: There is no need for showing so many accessories in one dress only. Wear less but wear class. It is quite easy to combine large accessories together in one outfit but wearing too many large accessories could do a disaster to your look as well as to your outfit. The size of the accessories should be proportionate to your size.
  3. Bright clothes or eye-catching accessories: You have to decide your look in advance. Either you can go with bright colors with simple stud earrings or you can go to simple clothes with highlighted jewellery. Choice will be completely yours but do not combine the look.
  4. Wear according to the occasion: From casuals to professional and from day to evening, one should always dress according to the occasion. Keep your daily, party and professional wear aside and then pick up the right accessories for the right occasion. Although you can also keep aside some basic jewellery that goes with every look.
  5. Keep it simple: Last but not the least, we would like to mention is “Keep it simple”. What’s trending now will not be trending 20 years from now so don’t shop excess. Shop for simple, classy and elegant and you’re all set to grab the attention even with a simple casual dress.

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